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Creating back links by posting comments on blogs is one of the most powerful, effective and proven SEO technique to boost your rankings in the search results.

By acquiring help from our experts, you will be able to improve your rankings and attract the most targeted visitors to your website.

7 Reasons to Use Blog Commenting Service

Experiencing difficulties to reach at the top of your industry? It is probably because you are not using blog commenting to your advantage.

Here are top 7 reasons how a blog commenting service will empower you to lead the ranking ladder and set up an ever-lasting brand-awareness.

Widens Your Connections

Regular commenting on niche-relevant blogs allows you to connect with other individuals who are deeply engaged in your industry. This results in extending your connections exponentially.

Gets You Noticed

Writing a unique comment on someone’s post makes you standout of the crowd, thus allowing other readers to notice your site and visit it.

Drives Hordes of Traffic to Your Site

Writing informative remarks and insightful suggestions compel blog readers and even authors to learn more about you. This leads to increased traffic rate on your site and conversion opportunities.

Demonstrates Your Knowledge & Expertise

By leaving perspective remarks or opinions on niche-specific blogs, you display the experience and expertise you have in your industry.

Builds Robust Social Presence

Expending your social presence means extending your reach. Having an influential social presence can greatly contributes to your business operations, thus increasing your sales to the point of explosion.

Creates Backlinks

Commenting allows backlinks which are a critical element in propelling your website on the ranking ladder. In addition to that it also encourages interested readers to leave a reciprocal comment link on your site as well.

Boosts SEO

Genuine commenting greatly amplifies your SEO. From building top-quality backlinks to perking up your social presence, every single comment you do will increase your site authority and ranking efficiently.

Manual Blog Comments Service

At Search Mechaniks, we have a team of professional, passionate and dedicated in-house link builders.

We provide manual services. Meaning, we refrain from using software and automated tools for submission. Our link builders create all the links manually.

Manual blog comments allow us to create links naturally and this is what search engines like and prefer.

Facing Problems with SEO?

Working with Incompetent People?

If you want to improve your PR, then you must post comments and create links on High PR blogs.

But, you shouldn’t be worried at all, because our in-house link builders will avoid low quality and Zero PR blogs completely.

We focus on writing comments and creating links on High PR blogs to ensure the satisfaction and success of our clients, like you.

Niche Blog Comments Service

The purpose of niche blog comments service or theme-based comments service is to create links on blogs relevant to your industry.

If you want to hire a service that can focus on niche blogs only, then you can count on our experts for quality work.

Our link builders will find industry related blogs and create back links for you on those blogs to give a boost to your rankings.

DoFollow Blog Comments Service

If you want to give a fast push to your rankings, then you must acquire our DoFollow blog comments service.

When you ask us to create links on DoFollow blogs only, we’ll avoid NoFollow blogs.

DoFollow back links will build the reputation of your website and targeted pages and help you rank high in search results.

Buy Blog Comments

You can always acquire our services with ease and confidence.

Every link will contain proper ‘anchor text’ to give weight to your targeted keyword and landing page.

We don’t go for reciprocal links ever. We create permanent one-way back links.

So, you can acquire our services without any worries at all.

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