Who We Are, How We Evolved, What We Do and Who We Do it For…

Search Mechaniks was born in 2011 after we consistently grossed £ 6 figures over and over and over again for ourselves and a handful of our clients.

Now we are offering the same services to you.

Our Story

We started marketing online in 2008 and the only advertising tool we utilized for our business was PPC (Google AdWords). The first year was splendid,we made some quid’s, went on holidays…twice, and all of a sudden our sales hit the ground,sites disappeared, our ads disapproved…we tried everything imaginable to work through the AdWords system and the last thing we could find was that Google would let us advertise if we were willing to pay £10-15 for the same darn thing we used to pay £0.05. It became a pain in the neck.

We were challenged by a situation which forced us to think two things;

a) Either learn and apply SEO to our sites or
b) Quit marketing online.

Since quitting was never an option, gladly we chose the first option!

Seeing the game change by Google in 2009…

We quickly began to move our focus away from PPC to a more Organic approach… Since then we’ve never looked back to PPC and our business is steadily growing independent off of PPC.

In just 3 years, we’ve understood the organic search game fair enough and have been able to rank our sites and our clients sites on page 1 of Google for countless terms with competition as high as 80 million.

Search Mechaniks Philosophy

Fast forward to 2011, we decided to take our services public and SearchMechaniks came to life. Now, the name has something to it. Like a mechanic does everything in their power to build or repair, our mission is to help you rank better and get consistent flow of targeted online traffic. Meaning, we can help whether you already have something going on for your sites SEO or your site is absolutely fresh or even if you don’t have a site yet.

Our Customers

We help individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses Create their brand online, Market it and Monetize every ounce of it.

Here’s a screenshot of one of our client ranking #1 on Google.co.uk for the term “help with dissertation” (you can see the term is competing against 28Million sites)

With our services, we help this client and others generate at least £ 6 figures in revenue. The good thing is that now you can utilize our services to get awesome results for your business.

SearchMechaniks is our formal outlet to the world to offer SEO services. That doesn’t mean we will not help you with your website design or copywriting needs.

We sincerely hope to be of service with what we’ve understood, practiced and achieved results with.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business grow.

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